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Sir Jeremy - 'Knight of Toasting'

In days of old, Kings sold titles to raise funds to fight wars. Today's hereditary nobles will grant you a title for a sizable donation to their chosen charity!!

Yes, I bought a minor but authentic hereditary title -  it's a magnet to damsels in distress and now I can offer a "Night of Toasting"! 



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Following desert, every guest will be served a Scotch, Cognac or Port with a large helping of hilarious toasts, music and edu-tainment from one of Scotland's finest presenters. 

Let me knight one of your honoured guests! By deeding a minimal plot of land in Scotland he/she attains the right to be officially addressed as a 'Laird' - a Scottish Lord then see documentation here. 

I can also show someone how to saber the top off a bottle of Champagne and make them a 'Knight of the Golden Saber!You can make this a part of my after-dinner presentation of Fine Scotch, Rare Cognac and Vintage Ports! 

See Pictures and reviews of Toastings and Tastings I have presented.

Dancing with the Weatherman



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